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A research consortium consisting of the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IAW) in Tübingen, the ISG Institute for Social Research in Berlin, and the SOKO Institute for Social Research and Communication (Institut für Sozialforschung und Kommunikation) in Bielefeld will be conducting numerous interviews for the special programme “Promotion of vocational mobility of young people from Europe interested in vocational training (MobiPro-EU)” - “The Job of my Life” throughout the next few months.

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) would like to know how selected project providers, companies, participants, and network partners assess the implementation of the MobiPro-EU special programme and where they see potential for improvement.

To be able to examine the framework conditions and the implementation of the promotion, personal and telephone interviews are planned.

Those selected will be contacted by the research institutes. With your participation, you are helping us improve the programme and provide even more people with opportunities on the German labour market.

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