Promotion Guideline

The new promotion guideline "Promotion of vocational mobility of young people from Europe interested in vocational training" (MobiPro-EU) has been effective from 30 July 2014.


The new MobiPro guideline involves the following changes:


Change to project promotion: Promotion services are not applied for by the trainee but instead by a project provider. The project provider applies for and organises all eligible measures for these young people.


The placement of young people interested in vocational training into projects occurs entirely through the Federal Employment Agency.


The guideline for promotion for download:

Here you can find the guide and form for the submission of project proposals.

Information about the Current Programme Year:

The interest of young people from the European Union in in-company vocational training in Germany remains very high. Within the framework of discussions on the federal budget, the Federal coalition government therefore agreed to top up budget funds once again for 2014 so that – on the condition that a final decision is made by the German Bundestag – all young Europeans who have lodged an application for support with International and Specialized Services (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency in the context of MobiPro-EU before 8 April 2014 can be supported. This applies both to applications from skilled workers and to those interested in vocational training. Applications for in-company vocational training starting in autumn 2014 which are received later than this date can no longer be considered, due to measures needed to prepare for training (as a rule, a four month German language course as preparation in the country of origin, and a three month internship as preparation in Germany).


This means:

All applications which are received by the ZAV before or on 8 April 2014 can be approved. With approval of the first application for support, as a rule of the German language course in the country of origin, financial support is secured through MobiPro-EU over the entire period of the internship and vocational training, as well as for assistance and the German language course in the case of skilled workers. Approval of support or a positive decision from the ZAV is a precondition.

Old Promotion Guideline for 2013-14

This promotion guideline applies to trainees and skilled workers who received support prior to mid-2014.

You can find information and a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for this group of people here.

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Questions about The Job of my Life? All answers and further explanation of the programme can be found in the FAQs.

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